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Friday, October 31, 2008

Checklist can help job hunt succeed

Question: I was recently laid off from my most recent job as an executive assistant. I have been in this field for more than 10 years and have been applying to no avail for positions that I know I am qualified for. Should I try changing my rsum?

Answer: The rsum is but one of many potential hotspots to focus on if interviews are not forthcoming. Stellar qualifications and an effective marketing strategy should place you in contention for the openings that do exist. Run through the following checklist to highlight strengths and close potential gaps in your approach:

Mirror the requirements. To test your hypothesis of the certainty of your qualifications, go through each requirement listed for the positions to which you’re applying. Eager candidates sometimes focus on the requirements they meet and dismiss those that they don’t have. If you can’t say that you excel at each and every one, it’s possible that a poor match for one or more of the requirements could be screening you out of contention among more qualified candidates. To avoid early elimination from the hiring process, close any gap through additional training, self-study or experience.

Send flawless correspondence. Most recruiters and hiring managers harbor the expectation that a serious job candidate will present an error-free rsum. The bar is raised even higher for someone in your position. Because your work requires attention to detail, employers will view the quality of your rsum, cover letters and e-mails as representative of your work. Your correspondence offers a window on your business writing skills, attention to detail and follow-through. Take advantage of this opportunity to impress potential employers with your precision and finesse.

Customize your approach. Research organizations before applying, targeting those that suggest the best fit. By qualifying employers ahead of time, you’ll increase your odds of a positive reciprocal response. Make sure that each letter of intent is personalized with the relevant contact name, your interest in the particular company and your potential contributions

Use a multifaceted search strategy. Don’t get stuck in the “advertised openings” rut. Print and online postings are one of many sources of job opportunities. Expand your approach to increase the likelihood of uncovering other openings. Spend most of your time on networking (talking with people to gather relevant information and tap into potential leads), followed by sourcing through a combination of recruiters, job fairs and online/print listings. The more face-to-face contact you generate, the greater the opportunity for interviews and offers.

Get feedback. Beyond your instincts about potential obstacles to your employment, the best way to assess barriers is through the observations and feedback of others. Ask for suggestions from trusted colleagues, recruiters and, when possible, employers who declined to offer you a position. This will allow you to zero in on barriers and open the door to the interviewing process, for which you will have to prepare with attention and vigor.

Once you’ve gone through the paces to assess and address your current job search strategy, the best gift you can give yourself is to believe in your worth.


Online job posting good first step

Q: I’ve been job-hunting the old-fashioned way, but am curious: Should I put my resume on all those online career sites, given the millions already posted there?
A: Absolutely. If you’re like most of us, a new job is elusive quarry best tracked with every possible bow in your quiver. There’s no good reason to skip an online resource that won’t cost you a penny and could even end up getting your resume onto the computer of a good recruiter.

The major job destination sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs aggregate thousands of job leads for you, while letting recruiters sift through thousands of resumes easily, potentially finding yours.

However, don’t forget that finding a new job takes hard work, dedication and focus. There’s no easy route to a greener career pasture, Internet or no Internet. And many people wrongly assume that posting a decent resume with fine education, skills and background is the bulk of the effort, said Mike Worthington Jr., a co-founder of, a resume and career guidance service based in South Burlington, Vt. (The company sells resume preparation and advice only, and does not compete with the job sites.)

Be realistic, he cautions.

“How many millions of resumes do they have? It’s a needle in a haystack. What are the chances of your resume being found like that?” Worthington said. “You might as well play the lottery.”
The best approach is to post the resume, comb the job listings germane to your search and then approach the employer with a resume customized for the position being hired. Your online curriculum vitae is a good backstop, akin to dropping a business card with a potential client or business partner.

Monster is the biggest of the online CV pack with 45 million resumes, while Chicago-based has 12 million. The company is owned jointly by media giants Gannett Co. Inc., Knight Ridder Inc. and Tribune Co. — the job section of newspaper classified advertising pages is also an online endeavor.

The process is interactive — companies pay to list their jobs, helping amass a pool of talent worldwide for a particular position. Headhunting firms troll the sites for clients, too, said Worthington, a former freelance recruiter for large aerospace engineering companies. Some companies even use the data as a way to keep tabs on the supply of talent for certain positions.

And software in the process offers companies unique advantages. For example, let’s say you graduated from Georgia Tech or Rice. For whatever reason, some company might be set upon only candidates who attended those schools. Your skills and experience might match your job rivals who studied elsewhere, but the myriad data slice-and-dice features in much of the sites’ software allows recruiters to narrow their searches to graduates of Georgia Tech and Rice. Suddenly, you’re ahead of the pack.

Jeffrey Taylor, founder of Maynard, Mass.-based Monster WorldWide Inc., also theorizes that the online world has “turned the paradigm” when it comes to the interaction of employer and candidate, shifting some power to those seeking a new position. You’re the unknown talent essentially advertising your abilities and data to a worldwide audience of organizations that need someone like you.

Thus, they can approach you, soliciting a relationship.

And when you go into the interview, “You can now say, ‘I’m here because you called me,’ ” Taylor said.


How to behave at the client location?

Attitude makes a lot of difference. If you have a good attitude with required skills, you are the winner. The following tips may help you.

Be humble and polite to your co-workers and others.

Do not criticize anyone. That is not your job.
Always be professional and do not take any thing personal.
Be friendly with your opposite sex collegues and do not get involved in any sexual litigations
Do not break the client dress code. It is not a good idea to go to the office in jeans and sneakers even if they have a casual dress code.
Light cologne is fine but do not use strong perfume.
Do not talk loudly when you talk over the phone or to your collegues. Talk in a soft and clear voice.
If you have any dental problems, make a dental appointment with your dentist. If dental problems go unchecked, they lead to embarassing situations involving bad breath. Have breath mints, chewing gum or peanuts in your desk. Check your breath before talking to your collegues personally.
Wear fresh and neat clothes.
Always be punctual.
Complete your assigned task within the time frame. Do not postpone it.
Do not talk about politics and religion in the office premisis.
If you are invited for a happy hour party or any party try to attend it atleast for some time. That is the best place to know more about your collegues.
Do not play music loudly.
Be as easy going. Do not get the "tough guy" label.
Attend meetings regularly.
Be enthusiastic.
Try to be helpful to your co-workers.
Be a good listener. Do not interrupt when someone else is talking.
Discuss but do not argue.
Do not lose your credibility


How to handle a telephone job interview

Telephone interviews are an increasingly popular - and time-efficient - way of pre-screening job applicants to narrow the candidate field before a face-to-face interview.

And, sooner or later, if you are determined about your career progression it is an audition you will have to get through, so it makes sense to get up to speed with the fundamentals now.
Where do I start?

Your aim for the interview should be to get to the next level, which is to obtain a conventional face-to-face interview.

Take the time to find out about the company interviewing you, and be sure that you have a good appreciation of what the job you are being interviewed for entails.

The interviewer will be looking for evidence that you have fully prepared. As you can’t be seen by the interviewer, make the most of this by having your CV and covering letter in front of you to refer to, if necessary.
Also consider preparing a set of bullet-pointed notes about projects you have worked on and specific accomplishments, to use as a crib sheet.
Importance of timing
Make sure you choose an appropriate time and find a comfortable and relaxed setting to take the call.
Jane Horner, HR consultant at the Osler Partnership, recalls occasions where candidates she has interviewed have taken calls during their lunch breaks and needed to go outside the building for privacy and ended up losing reception on their mobile phones.
“I would advise you not to put yourself in this position, but rather to schedule the call for a more convenient time when you know you will be in a quiet, uninterrupted location without the concern of being overheard,” she suggests.
This also gives you the chance to relax and gather your thoughts before you take the call.
Making an impression
As visual clues are lost on the phone, candidates have to rely on verbal ones to build a rapport with the interviewer, which can make the prospect of a telephone interview more intimidating.
But Horner says if the interviewer has prepared sufficiently, the call should have a clear purpose, and you will be guided through the questions, which in itself is a good way to overcome such hurdles.
“Put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and provide clear, well thought-through answers to give them the information they require,” she says.
Etiquette and protocols
Although telephone interviews tend to be fairly swift affairs, make sure you proceed slowly enough to form a clear picture of what the interviewer wants to know. Actively listen and keep your answers brief and relevant to the question.

“If an interview is conducted well, it should be a controlled conversation in which you are the active participant,” explains Horner. “Speak clearly and allow the interviewer time to make notes and probe further on your answers.”

Also try standing up - an erect and confident poise will help you come across more confidently.

Use role-play

Acting out a telephone interview scenario with a friend or trusted colleague can help you gain insight into your technique. It may highlight areas in which you fall down, such as listening skills, tone of voice or how authoritative you sound, enabling you to refine specific skills accordingly.
Horner also recommends conducting research relevant to whichever stage of the interview process the call aims to address.
“For example, an initial screening telephone interview may just require evidence of a role’s baseline competencies, while a final interview conducted over the phone will delve far deeper into your employment experience and suitability for the role,” she says.
If you only do 5 things
1 Research the organisation and the job thoroughly
2 Minimise the risk of distractions
3 Speak clearly and concisely
4 Remember, first impressions still count
5 Listen carefully and keep your responses relevant to the question

The nature of the telephone interview means there is no instant feedback, such as in a face-to-face interview, and interviewees can feel uncomfortable or uncertain of how their responses are being received and how well the interview is going. Turn these negative factors into an advantage. With no visual distraction, you can focus intently on what is being asked of you and respond to the best of your ability.

Is there a way you can gauge the reaction of the interviewer during the interview?

Aside from the verbal clues you would receive from any other conversation over the phone, not really. However, if you feel distracted or uncomfortable at any point about your answers and how they have been received, don’t be frightened to ask.

Top three tips
* Prepare. Research the role you are applying for and the organisation and prepare any questions you may have about either in advance.

* Comfort. Take the call in a location where you will be comfortable and uninterrupted for the duration of the call, and ideally one where you have access to a landline to avoid losing reception or battery in the middle of a call.

*Listen. Focus on what is being asked of you and respond by speaking clearly, without gabbling. You will feel much more in control of the process if you speak slowly and clearly. Finally, in the excitement of the moment, don’t forget to ask what the next step is and what the process or timeline is for this.


Motivating Tips For Job Seekers

Are you staring at an empty page, trying to write the next cover letter? Or postponing the grip and grin meeting you’ve scheduled? Have lethargy and laziness set in? Has your get up and go taken a permanent vacation?
Well, my friend, you are not alone.
Staying motivated during a prolonged job search is more challenging than actually going on an interview.
Here are some tips to keep you motivated:

# Keep busy by lending a hand - do volunteer work or help a neighbor in need. It will raise your self-esteem and the feel good quotient that can be sorely depleted during a job search.

# Get temp or contract work - this will give you a few bucks and provide structure to your week. # Shake your booty - Move, exercise, dance. The endorphin release alone will carry you forward into more activity.

# Get rid of clutter - throw out stuff or donate it to charity. This always works for me. I end up feeling good about the new space I’ve created. The tax deduction isn’t bad either.

# Learn from the successful job seeker - who among your contacts has landed a job recently?

Find out how they did it!

# Drop the whiners - your sanity depends upon it! The last thing you need is a pity party.

# Join a job search club - get support from other job seekers. Many state employment offices offer job groups, as do local community centers and churches.

# Have faith - and derive comfort from visiting a quiet place of worship or contemplation, whether under a beautiful elm tree or in a temple.

# Fertilize your brain - instead of watching TV, read positive, inspirational material for at least 30 minutes each day.
Keeping motivated during a job search is a constant test of your patience and fortitude, particularly if you’ve come in second, or been rejected outright, by a company you really wanted to work for. Know that everyone feels discouraged at times. But, the name of the game is staying persistent despite the difficulties. You do that by continuing to move forward, not dwelling on the negatives and keeping your eyes focused on the prize - getting the job!


Payroll Administrator (UK)

Location: North London
Working for a firm of chartered accountants our client is urgently seeking a Payroll Assistant to assist the payroll manager in maintaining clients payroll.
Duties will include assisting with maintaining payroll records for all staff, including setting up new records, amendments to pay details, updating for leavers and any other adjustments.
Arranging PAYE payments for some clients.
Answering general client queries by written correspondence and by telephone
Processing P45's, Maternity pay, statutory sick pay and working through year end procedures.
Meeting weekly, monthly and quarterly payroll run deadlines.
Basic administration and entry of data in respect of Client Payrolls.
We are ideally looking for somebody with previous payroll experience
Previous experience in a customer services/client focussed business
Strong numeracy skills
Contact details


Audit Senior

Thriving Firm in Central London are looking for a bright, proactive individual to join this growing team.
This Firm has grown organically over the past 2 years by 30% - and this rate is increasing
The Candidate: - Recently ACA / ACCA Qualified -
Excellent Academics -
Prior Audit experience in a large Accounting Firm -
Supervisory experience and skilled in coaching junior staff -
A strong desire to develop and progress within a growing Firm

The Role:
- To work with a team of seniors and to coach and nurture the juniors
- To shadow the Assistant Managers
- You will be closer to the client than you have ever been before and will see clearly the impact of the work you do. You will be working on clients on which the whole picture will be apparent to you.
Contact details
Phone: 0207 038 3614


Audit Manager (UK)

This is an excellent opportunity for an individual with drive and enthusiasm to rise to the challenge of developing this role.
We are seeking someone with energy, strong influencing skills, vision and who takes pride in their work.
You must be ACA / ACCA qualified, having had experience in a current role as a Manager.
Your main duties will be as follows:
• Reporting directly to Partners and liaising with other managers as required
• Planning, supervision and review of audit and accounts cases including preparing notes for partners.
• Keeping clients statutory records up to date and companies house.
• Assisting staff with technical accounting and auditing problems
• Assisting in the generation of business for the audit function
• Audit of accounts typically with a turnover up to £20 million, including group accounts.
• Preparation of business tax computations.
• The above includes day to day supervision of junior staff as appropriate.
Remuneration is extremely competitive
Contact details
Phone: 0207 038 3614


Forensic & Insolvency Investigations- Aca or Acca (UK)

Our client is a leading Forensic and Insolvency firm who are currently expanding the Investigations team. You will be involved with Forensic Accounting projects, Insolvency Investigations and Independent Business Review work.
You will have either an Insolvency, Forensic, Audit or Accounts background.
You must be at least a part qualifoed accountant, ACA or ACCA.
Contact details


Data Processor (UK)



Trainee or Qualified Accountant in Public Practice (UK)

Location: London W6 Hammersmith

Professional practice established since 1989 requires either a qualified or partly-qualified accountant (ACCA/CIMA preferably)The job involves preparation of accounts for small businesses (mainly companies); tax, book-keeping, PAYE, VAT, tax planning, budgeting, liaising/advising clients and other related activities.
Needs a well organised individual with a positive attitude willing to learn new skills and apply themselves conscientiously to help our interesting and varied customers.
Relevant commercial/accounting experience an advantage.
Dependent on ability and aptitude, the job can lead to management opportunities within the firm for a person wiling to take the responsibility and relate to client's needs.
Prospects are really excellent.

Initial salary ranges £17,000 - £22,000 pa plus excellent training support.E-mail CV in the first instance to


Qualified Accountant £45,000

Location: Kingston Upon Thames
Renumeration: £45,000
An an excellent career opportunity has arisen for a Qualified Accountant to join a very well established firm based near Kingston.
Applicants will be qualified (ACA/ACCA) and have gained experience from within a professional practice. You will have your own portfolio of clients, covering a wide range of industries and be responsible for the preparation and flow of accounts: both financial and management, corporation tax returns and audit for a small number of these clients.
To secure this role, you will be an experienced accountant with strong technical skiils and committed to providing a quality service to this expanding client base. You will also need good time management skills and the ability to build long term business relationships.
Our client has a professional but relaxed working environment and offer a highly competitive salary and flexible working hours.
Fletcher George is a Financial Recruitment specialist, that acts as both an employment business and agency.

Contact details
Phone: 01372 75 18 17





Position Purpose and Scope
Position Purpose:
Overall management of the areas within designated region by supervising area managers.
Position Scope
Manage the Operations team within the designated region.
Responsible For:
Area Managers

Principal Accountabilities

1. Plan and prepare the growth perspective.
2. Assist Organization in preparing the Operations budget.
3. Regular coordination with other departments e.g. HR and IT for continuous recruitment planning, training and technology upgrading respectively.

1. Ensure timely availability of all the resources required by areas.
2. Regular coordination with and coaching of area managers regarding all issues.
3. Responsible for performance management and appraisals of area managers.
4. Recommend expansion and penetration plans in coordination with team.
5. Assist organization in global expansion plans.
6. Judge quality of branch/function/ targets and motivation levels of staff through regular field visits.
7. Coordinate IT reports with IT department.
8. Coordinate with analysts and quality assurance teams for reporting.
9. Coordinate with Branch Managers in special cases.
10. Coordinate with HR for all staff issues such as training, placement, resignations and disciplinary issues.
11. Suggest policy changes for the Operations manual as and when requirement is felt.

Problem Solving and Decision Making
* Ensuring that all targets are met with high quality standards and internal problems are completely prevented.

Critical Challenges
* To ensure that a motivated team is developed and retained.
* Coordination with other departments.

* Sound Interpersonal skills
* Exceptional team management skills
* Capacity building skills

Should have MBA (Finance/Marketing/ Banking)/ MSC Economics

Specialized Microfinance Certification


Must have at least 7-8 years of management experience, while managing team of 20 people
At least 3-4 years finance related experience

All Finance-related/ Banking experience

Management and Leadership Trainings
Microfinance related trainings
Personal Qualities and Traits

Ability to take initiatives and adapt according to the changing requirements.
Ability to articulate effectively in both oral and written form

* Interested candidates can send their CVs on consultants. sigma@yahoo. com
* Kinldy mention the city in the subject line.
* The employer provides equal opportunities to everyone.
* Females are encouraged to apply.
* Only shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview.


Network Administrator (Karachi)

Clarus Technologies is a global services provider delivering technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our clients. Clarus delivers unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks, and service delivery information. Clarus houses professional technology experts that ensure customer satisfaction in all our projects. Quality is our motto, Technology is our strength!

As Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and ISO Certified Software Company, Clarus provides technology solutions to customers locally as well as in the Middle East and the USA. Clarus aims to become one of the World's leading IT players.

Position:Network Administrator

Open Positions:Three (3)

Location:Karachi, Pakistan

Skills Required:- Minimum Education: BS, BCS-
Age: 22 - 30 years-
Experience: Minimum 2 years -
Ability and desire to learn new skills quickly.-
Effectively communicate issues and resolutions to all levels of the organization.-
Ability to maintain confidentiality with sensitive customer and internal information.-
Strong problem solving skills.-
Good communication skills.Job Description:

An ideal candidate Should have:-Experience in planning, installing, configuring, supporting, and optimizing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 in a large corporate environment .-

Experience in managing Microsoft Exchange Server services, stores, and mailboxes.-Hands on Experience over MS exchange server.

Please e-mail your resumes to ( . Also mention your Current & Expected Salary in the body/cover letter of your application (E-mail).


Manager Modern Trade

One of our Clients is looking for Manager Modern Trade for the following role.

Manager Modern Trade

Karachi (Pakistan)

Multinational FMCG


*MBA or master degree with focus on Marketing from a reputed local or international institution.
*Minimum 5 years of sales & marketing experience, of which at least 3 years in the similar position preferably in FMCG

*Responsible for designing, evaluating and implementing the necessary activities to develop the company brands within different distribution channels, with particular focus on areas such as merchandising, promotion and management of commercial co-operation projects between the company, retailers and distributors.
* Participates in the designing of the promotional materials and maintains contacts with the Key Accounts and DCs, in order to supervise all promotional activities.*
Responsible for management and monitoring of Trade Mktg Investments and initiatives execution.
* Actively participates to specific dedicated trainings to Sales Force.
* Good local network with relevant external contacts with Key Accounts
* Strong Business sense, pragmatism.
* Organized and determined persistent person.
* Perfectionist and detail oriented. Searching for excellence.
* Good and effective communication and negotiation skills, leadership. Proactive and Team player.
* Able to promote cross functional effectiveness.
* Resource mobilization.
* Decision making oriented & able to quickly react to changing environment.
* Training skills·
* Able to communicate at different organization levels·
* Field oriented person (70% field, 30% office)

Please send your resume at FarrukhhSiddiqui@ before 4th November 2008 .Incomplete or Irrelevant CVs will not be entertained. Please mark the title of the designation and the preferred city applying for in the Subject line

Only Short Listed Candidates will be Contacted


Regional Sales Manager

One of our Clients is looking for Regional Sales Manager for the following role.

Regional Sales Manager
Karachi (Pakistan)

Multinational FMCG


Master's Degree with minimum 3 years exposure at the same level

Handling the Channel sales thru team
Reporting to National sales Manager·
Manage distribution, Scheme, product launching
Balancing of Demand and supply
Increases the sales
Good Team leader, experience of on-roll team handing·
Excellent communication skill, Responsible, Presentable·

Ability to perform well under pressurePlease send your resume at FarrukhhSiddiqui@ before 4th November 2008 .Incomplete or Irrelevant CVs will not be entertained.
Please mark the title of the designation and the preferred city applying for in the Subject line

Only Short Listed Candidates will be Contacted


National Sales Manager (Karachi)

One of our Clients is looking for National Sales Manager for the following role.

National Sales Manager
Karachi (Pakistan)

Multinational FMCG

*MBA or master degree with focus on Marketing from a reputed local or international institution.
*Minimum 7 years of sales & marketing experience, of which at least 5 years are in senior management position preferably in FMCG
*Strong communication and negotiation skills with exceptional ability to influence customers
*Effective planning and problem solving skills
*Strong analytical skills with primary focus on quantitative analysis
*Excellent presentation and report writing skills
* Strong ability to influence senior level management for buy-in especially when presenting new initiatives
* Self starter with drive to achieve targets even when confronted by obstacles
* Exceptional leadership skills·
*Very good user of MS Office applications

* Leads the entire sales team to ensure achievement of the company's sales and revenue targets within overall business objectives.·
* Sets annual sales target based on business trend and forecasts sales volume.·
* Monitors budget on an on-going basis to ensure expenditures are in-line with pre-approved figures.
* Develops business plans and market segmentation for his sales team on nationwide level, considering all the strengths and weaknesses of any particular region/area.
* Contributes to setting the necessary marketing strategy for creating required push and pull in the market to enhance the presence of the company brand.
*Develops and maintains strategic win-win relations with the distributors.
* Sets attractive incentives for the distributors to guarantee their loyalty and maintain competitive edge for the company.
* Continuously evaluates sales data and information including competitive brands information and monitors own brand performance versus competition.
* Recommends appropriate policies regarding pricing, promotion, product and market evaluation, and sales plans·
* Reviews reports, monitors performance and analyses ongoing trends to come up with appropriate recommendations and/or initiatives·
* Monitors the distribution and provides solutions to the problems faced by distribution/ channel teams.
*Selects, motivates and develops the sales team to enhance performance and achieve the set sales targets.

Please send your resume at FarrukhhSiddiqui@ before 4th November 2008 .Incomplete or Irrelevant CVs will not be entertained. Please mark the title of the designation and the preferred city applying for in the Subject line

Only Short Listed Candidates will be Contacted


Technical Writer (Female) Karachi

Job Summary:
• Developing Software Requirement Specifications
• Writing case studies for the software projects
• Documentation of software help, guides and user/technicalmanuals
• Knowledge of structure and content of Scope of Work,Functional Document, Software Requirement Specification, and Wireframe Building.
• Good understanding of Flow Charts, ERD.
• Excellent writing / documentation skills
• Well versed with MS VISIO• Internet Research skills
• Must be BS in Computer Science (Fresh candidate may alsoapply)

Email your resumes at recruiter.fb@ and please mention theposition you are applying for in the subject line.


Web Designer (Karachi, Lahore)

Location: Karachi (Night Shift) and Lahore (First Shift)

Web designers are responsible for creating the look and feel of Webpages for the client's Web site. This involves developing a graphicdesign that effectively communicates the ideas being promoted by theWeb site.
A web designer must be familiar with issues of browser/servercompatibility, including which browsers and servers work welltogether and which ones do not. In addition, the designer must knowcomputer languages such as JavaScript and methods such as CSS, whichcan be used to create web pages

Job requirements:
• Creative Designer / Powerful Searching Skills
• Make attractive layouts in photoshop, illustrator, and flash.
• HTML and Div base HTML
• Designing and Objet Animation in Flash
• 3D work/ Illustration work• Web based application designing
• Working knowledge of JavaScript
• Expert in CSS 2.0

• Graduate or Masters Degree in designing is advantage
• Certification in designing

Email your resumes at recruiter.fb@ and please mention theposition you are applying for in the subject line.



We are a mid-sized US based company which deals in global managementconsulting, technology services and outsourcing. We provide scalablesolutions to our offshore clienteles. Together with unparalleledexpertise, experienced refined capabilities across all industriesand business functions, and panoptical research on the world'sleading companies, we collaborate with clients to help them becomehighly potent and effective businesses.

• System analysis, design architecture, develop and maintainweb application
• Understands technical and functional design requirements.
• Assists in physical and logical database design.
• Designs, codes, and tests technical solutions.
• Identifies system deficiencies and recommends solutions.
• Leads small teams of developers.
• Assists in enforcement of development deadlines andschedules.
• Understands the necessity of and contributes to codingstandards.
• Prioritizes multiple tasks effectively.R

Required Skills / Experience:
• A minimum of 2+ years of experience developing PHP web basedDevelopers are required.
• Working on Object Oriented Programming Mythologies toproduce faster.
• Positive self-starter with strong

communication skills
• Able to work under pressure and motivated to meet thedeadline
• Ability to think creatively and solve problems.
• Database linking and migration knowledge.

Technical Skills:Operating System:
Windows NT/XP/2003 Server, Linux, MS Dos

Database: MySQL

Editor Tool: Dreamweaver, MS Front PageProgramming

Programming Languages: PHP 4/5, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, XML,Ajax, C++, C

Image Processing: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GD Library

E-Commerce Tools: osCommerce, Zent Cart

Blogs, Forums Tools:
PhpBB, WordPress, Mercury Board

Open source Tools : Joomla, Mambo, CakePhp, Drupal, Smarty, Pat Templates, Drupal

Web Servers : Apache 1.33/2, IIS 5.5/6

• Graduate or Masters in Computer Science

Email your resumes at recruiter.fb@ and please mention theposition you are applying for in the subject line.


Flash Action Script Writer

Flash Action Script Writer
We are a mid-sized US based company which deals in global managementconsulting, technology services and outsourcing. We provide scalablesolutions to our offshore clienteles.
Together with unparalleledexpertise, experienced refined capabilities across all industriesand business functions, and panoptical research on the world'sleading companies, we collaborate with clients to help them becomehighly potent and effective businesses.

Required Skills / Experience:
• Programming Knowledge in Flash Action Scripting (AS 2.0 andAS 3.0).
• Knowledge in Development of Multi User Games in Flash usingFlash Communication server ( Media Server), Smart fox
• Interaction with server side languages and database usingflash
• In-depth knowledge of HTML, DHTML & CSS. People havingknowledge of JavaScript, Action Scripting, XML will be preferred
• Exposure to any other scripting language (PHP, ASP, JSP)will be an added advantage
• Extensive experience of Dream weaver, Photoshop isessential. Candidates with knowledge of Adobe Illustrator,Macromedia Director, streaming audio and video will be givenpreference
• Expertise in current Internet standards, including Webbrowsers and browser specifications
• Ability to learn new Internet and authoring technologiesrelevant for web site development
• Familiarity with naming conventionsAcademic
• Graduate or Masters in Computer Science or Designing

Email your resumes at recruiter.fb@ and please mention theposition you are applying for in the subject line.MID- LEVEL PHP DEVELOPER (Karachi, Lahore)


Web Logic Portal Developers (Kuwait)

Clarus Technologies is one of the first Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company in the country and has been in business for the past 8 years.
Clarus Technologies started off as a pure custom software development company and later diversified into areas of consulting& recruitment services. Software - Clarus Technologies, providing technology solutions to customers locally as well as in the Middle East and the USA. Clarus aims to become one of the World's leading IT players.Position

Web Logic Portal Developers
Follow programming standards and participate in peer reviews
Significant hands-on experience developing scalable, high-performance J2EE
Solutions- Highly self-motivated, and willing to take responsibility for timely delivery.
Must be a team player with high software quality standards and expectations.

B.Sc. of Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Equivalent

1 - 3 years of experience

Strong Knowledge of:-
UML, OOP, RDBMS Database concepts, HTML, CSS, SQL-
Excellent Java, J2EE skills.-
Design Patterns-
XML and other flavors of XML, XSD, XSL, etc…

Nice to have:-
BEA Portal experince-
BEA Integration experince-
Eclipse IDE experience-
Unix Shell Scripting, Web Services, ANT, Junit Nice to have.-
Telecom and Banking experience is a plus.

Soft Skills:-
Good atitude to learn and research-
Collaborate with development team to work effectively-
Team work, sociability, and consulting attitude-
Good documentation skills-
Able to work under pressure to handle multiple tasks and meet project deadlines

Working with technical lead to understand requirements-
Perform development tasks assigned by team leader-
Documentation of code-
Bug fixing for bugs assigned by team leader

Please e-mail your resumes to
Also mention your Current & Expected Salary in the body/cover letter of your application


IT Professional, Building, Construction & Engineering Professionals (Australia)

Australian Jobs Now Open For Asia Pacific Candidates.
Salary AUD 80,000 – 140,000 per year
20% allowance when you are on-site
Housing allowance AUD 350 – 650 on-
Sponsorship can be arranged
Diploma and Degree holders with Good English Speaking Candidate are welcome to apply

Interested applicants are welcome to contact us at 05-5285707/ 05-5286725 for more clarity.
for more details, please browse through our website at
www.kintaemployment .com
or mail us at info@kintaemploymen
Madam PatriciaKinta
Employment Pvt Ltd.(Global License By Malaysian Labor Ministry)
No Lesen : JTR 364No.
Pendaftaran IMM : IM 101/HQ/J/857/ 4-470
No. 34-1, Jalan Ng Weng Hup,
Taman Pertama,30100 Ipoh, Perak,
Tel: 605 - 528 6725, 605 - 528 5707, 605 - 236 0080
Fax: 605 - 236 0081
E -Mail : patricia@kintaemplo


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Software Developer

A programmer is responsible for converting project specifications and statements of problems and procedures into computer language. The person develops, writes the source code, plans and conducts unit testing Responsibilities:
• Development of software using .NET
• Follow RUP process model
• Design architecture of project
• Configure dedicated server and clients
• Research work when required
• Follow team lead
• System Architecture and Tech. Lead in designing the system Job Specification:
• Must have good Concepts of OOP and working experience on the following.
1. ASP.NET 2.
2. C#
3. SQL Server 2000 or later
4. Basic JavaScript•
Must have good understanding & analytical skills.
• Feel comfortable to adapt new innovative tools & technologies.
• Willing to learn and incorporate software development Best Practices.
• Self motivated Take ownership and pride in work.
• Skill to gather Business requirements is a plus.
• BCS/BS in Computer Sciences, B.E in Computer Engineering-MCS/MS in Computer Sciences will be preferred Email your resumes at recruiter.fb@ and please mention the position you are applying for in the subject line.


Manager Purchase (Karachi)

Age: 30-35 Year
Minimum Education: FA/FSC
Career Level: Not Required
Minimum Experience: 2 to 3 Years
Salary Range: 10000 PKR To 15000 PKR /Monthly

Description: Manager Purchase.
Skills Requiredpurchasing of machinery parts

Company Information :

Company Name: Abu Obeda & Company
B-2, 2nd Floor, Salim Centre Hazrat Usman Ghani (R.A.) St. Jodia Bazar,
Karachi 74000, Sindh, Pakistan
Phone: 9221-2411854 / 2411386 / 2417734 / 2416034Fax: 9221-2430048


Import/export Manager (Karachi)

Minimum Education:
Bachelor of Commerce

Career Level: Manager

Minimum Experience: 4 to 5 years

Description: Garment Factory requires Import/Export Manager, Must Have Experience of minimum 5 years, send your resumes at :


Developers Required ( Islamabad)

Job Description
Responsible for successful planning and follow through aimed at profitable, high quality and timely completion of projects.
Responsible to cope up with necessary amendments / changes in the projects as per need arises. Capable to understand & analyzing the clients requirements. Strong Self Learner, highly motivated . Age not more than 30

Skills Required
We need Developers with computer sciences background,
Excellent working experience on PHP with 1 - 2 years of experience.
Familiarity with common open source: PHP applications. Good concepts on Object Oriented Design/Development. Good knowledge of AJAX, CSS 2.0 and Web 2.0. With ability to handle pressure and demands.

Company Information :
Company Name: Aspire Solution
Aspire Solutions is a leading software development firm that specializes in custom intranet and e-business software applications and the design, development, and hosting of corporate websites.
Email Address
Phone # 2: +92-333-7812272
Fax #: 92-51-2111404
Contact person : Nauman Waheed Khan


Medical Officer (Female only) — Islamabad

Job Description:

This is a prestigious medical service. We feel Proud to open jobs for Medical Officers (Female only).
Requirements.....MBBS from any recognised university
One year House Job
One year experience in relevant field.PMDC certificate(documents are not required to be attached)
Apply in Confidence by Sending email your Curriculum Vitae .
Please mention your contact information with full confidence in subject line. Curriculum Vitae with incomplete information will not be entertained for interviews.
(All applied cases may be considered at latereral stages as standby)*

*Position Type: Full-time apply with CV
* Salary Range: 20000 - 25000 Monthly

Company Information :

· Company Name: Prima Medical
· Description:Pharmacutical Company
· Email Address


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Internal Auditor for Punjab Zone

We urgently need service of Internal Auditor. Assignments are verification of Primary and Seconday Sales, Stock counts at warehouses and distributors setups, verification of field forces and distributors commissions etc. Candidates who meet the following criterias should apply only :
1) Articleship completed
2) Atleast 3 years exprience of Internal Audit.
3) Residence of Lahore
4) Experience of FMCG industry will be preferable.

Kindly send your CV by October 25, 2008 at arif.modi@candyland
Once again requested that those who meet the above criterias will apply only and should save your and our time.
Thanks & Regards
Manager Internal Audit


Accounts Assistant

We need Accounts Assistant for Industrial undertaking in Gujranwala-Pakistan

:Qualificaion : B.Com I.Com/D.Com
Experience: Fresh / 6Months 6 Months to 1Year
Computer: Proficient in M/S Excel and M/S Word
Salary: 6K to 8K
Plz Apply to accounts@ficohitech .com



One of the national leading AUTOMOTIVE PARTS MANUFACTURING GROUP is lookingto appoint EXPERIENCED, SKILLED & ENERGETIC STAFF for their new projectlocated in SITE KOTRI.

1. General Manager Finance (MALE / FEMALE) - SITE KOTRI
2. General Manager Operation (MALE / FEMALE) - SITE KOTRI
3. General Manager Marketing & Sales (MALE / FEMALE) - SITE KOTRI
4. Office Assistant (FEMALE) - SITE KOTRI
5. Office Assistant (FEMALE) - *SITE KARACHI*

For KOTRI family / single accommodation will be provided toselected candidates.
For FEMALES (Kotri Project) Kotri to Hyderabad pick & drop will beprovided.
· Only person matching above criteria can apply (NO IRRELEVANT CVSPLS) in confidence at candidatecvs@ within 2 weeks·
Please mention job title in subject line.


Opportunity for CIA Students and Graduates at Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman Chartered Accountants

Opportunity for CIA Students and Graduates at Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman Chartered Accountants

Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman is a leading firm of chartered accountants and management consultants providing high quality professional services in accounting, auditing, taxation and consultancy. Led by 11 partners and 3 directors, the firm has a network of 3 national offices, which employ over 600 professional staff. Formed in 1986, Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman has rapidly expanded into one of the most progressive and professional service organizations.
Being the Pakistan member firm of Grant Thornton International, which is one of the world’s leading organizations of independently owned and managed accounting and consulting firms, Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman has access to a network of member firms worldwide, combining extensive knowledge and experience with global reach.
Fast Facts about Grant Thornton International:
Number of countries in which Member firms operate : more than 110
Number of international offices : 650
Number of International Business Centers (IBCs) : 30

Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman's core services include: Audit, Accountancy and Taxation Corporate Secretarial services Specialist Advisory Services (management consultancy)Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman is looking to induct CIA students (part & full qualified) for their Internal Audit Department for the following staff categories :
Trainees Employees Core Services under Internal Audit Department include: Operational reviews Financial reviews Compliance reviews Internal controls reviews Information system reviews For Trainees the right candidate should: Have completed his/her Part 2 (preferably)Have relevant experience (preferably) Have an O/A levels background (preferably)Have a good (conceptual) understanding & knowledge of information systems Possess sufficient analytical skills to determine and report the root cause of deficiencies
For Employees the right candidate should: Have completed his/her Part 4Have a further specialized qualification either CFSA or CCSAHave relevant experience of at least 2 yearsHave an O/A levels background (preferably)Posses excellent analytical & problem visualization and solving skillsHave strong communication skills (written as well as spoken)Preference will be given to those who have a good academic record (including any achievements in extra-curricular activities).
Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman is an equal opportunity employer.
If interested, please forward your CV to the following email address with the subject "Opportunity for CIA Students and Graduates at AASR"iiahr@yahoo. com
Last date for submission of CVs is 31 October 2008.
For further information Please contact Mr. Sheraz Hamid at 021-4391288 Best regards, Muhammad Sheraz Hamid
The Institute of Internal Auditors – Karachi Chapter
M-1, Mezzanine Floor, Plot # 1 Muhammad Ali Centre,
Muhammad Ali Society Karachi,
Pakistan 75350
Tel 92 21 439 1288


Accounts Supervisor

Accounts Supervisor
The Manufacturers and distributors of Cigarette Company located in CISregion is currently looking for Accounts Supervisor satisfying atleast the following educational and professional skills level.
• CA Inter or ACCA part qualified (At least 9 papers).
• At least four to five years of experience of ERP implementation in amanufacturing company.
Can easily implement Finance, Sales & Marketingand distribution function in the ERP software. Able to perform normalaccounting and cost accounting task as required by the departmenthead. Can easily manage and balance the work of ERP implementation andday to day normal accounting task. Time to time take active part inthe improvement of other modules of ERP software.
Must have completeknowledge of budget reporting & other M.I.S reporting in the ERP software.
• Good Analytical, reporting and problem solving skills.• Can work under pressure and meet deadlines
.• Age limit 28-35 years.
• Excellent MS – Office specially MS Excel.
• Candidate has to join the company immediately. Closing date forsending CV is 5th November 2008.
• Attractive salary and other benefits will be offered according toeducation and experience.
Please e-mail your CV's who fulfill the above requirements to
Write in Subject field Accounts Supervisor – ERP ImplementationExperience. Irreleve nt CV's will not consider at all.Interviews will be conducted on phone for only short listed candidates


Sales Managers, Assistant Managers, Sales Executives

Following positions are available a Freight and Forwarding Company based in Karachi & Branch office in Lahore:-
1) Sales Managers - 4 to 5 years of similar experience of working with Freight Forwarding Company.
2) Assistant Managers - 2 to 3 years of similar experience of working with Freight Forwarding Company.
3) Sales Executives – Min 2 years of similar experience of working with Freight Forwarding Company.
Candidates with detailed exposure of handling Import business, particularly with Freight Forwarding Company shall be preferred. Good Market compatible salary will be offered by the client.
Other Available Opportunities:For a well known Trading and Distributing Company based in Karachi, I am looking for a suitable candidate for the CFO position, reporting to Director and reported by around 40 people.
Key Requirements: Must be qualified CA with minimum 12 years of Industrial and Commercial experience. Excellent Salary Package with company maintained car will be offered by my client.
2) Project Manager: 8 - 10 years of SCM experience including, Warehousing, Logistics as well as Business Development experience, Able to establish warehouse and involve in constructional project management. Candidates having experience of working with DHL, TCS or NLC shall be preferred.
3) Distribution Manager: 8 - 10 years of Sales and Distribution experience, preferably with FMCG Company.
4) Business Development Manager: 8 - 10 years of Sales and Business Development experience, preferably of building materials, i.e sanitary equipments/tiles, building pipes etc...!
If you know any one meeting the above requirements, please ask them to send me their updated resume through email indicating present and expected salary at:
Shaikh Irfan Aziz
Chief ExecutiveAziz & Co.(Consultants)
Cell: 0300-8239920
Tel: 021-6017856 & 6017857
E-mail: azncom@gmail. com


Area Manager (Shahdadpur Region),Branch Manager (Sanghar),Credit Officers (Sakrand, Nawabshah, Bhitshah, Shahpur Chakar)

Sindh Agricultural & Forestry Workers Coordination Organization (SAFWCO) seeks following positions in urgent in its Credit and Enterprise Development Sector for Microfinance Operations;
1. Area Manager (Shahdadpur Region)
2. Branch Manager (Sanghar)
3. Credit Officers (Sakrand, Nawabshah, Bhitshah, Shahpur Chakar) JOB DESCRIPTION & PROFILE
Position # 1 & 2 are middle management level positions requiring team management skills; work in hard timings, strong interpersonal communication including written and verbal in English, Sindhi and Urdu.
Position # 3 requires field experience, strong communication skills including written and verbal, work in hard timings.
Master degree in areas related to Sociology, Business Administration, Commerce and relevant to social fields. Two years professional work experience in the areas of micro credit and social awareness.Proven ability to conceptualize, plan and execute ideas, as well as to impart knowledge and teach skills. Computer skills: including internet navigation, various office applications including Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint is mandatory. Proven ability to work as part of a team. Ability to organize and implement training.
HOW TO APPLYIf you have got experience of working in a similar capacity and want to make an active and lasting contribution to build a better future in microfinance development, send detailed curriculum vitae with a cover letter and clearly mention the title of post applying for at (safwcohr@yahoo. com). Applications should be received by Wednesday, 29th October, 2008. Only candidates who are under serious consideration will be contacted for test and interview. Competent salary package will be offered, according to experience and expertise.
SAFWCO is committed to gender equality in its mandate and its staff. Well qualified candidates, particularlyfemales are strongly encouraged to apply.
Warm Wishes,
Human Resource Department
Credit & Enterprises Development Sector
Sindh Agricultural & Forestry Workers Coordinating Organization


Assistant Accounts | Garment export company | Karachi

A Garment export company in Karachi having a huge export business with USA and Other countries requires a candidate to fill the post of Assistant Accounts.
Qualification : Bachelor of CommerceExperience : 2+ years (Preparing Cheques, Preparing and Posting Vouchers, Bank Reconciliation, Party Ledger, cleared concepts upto trial balance)
Candidate must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and knowledge of Accounting Softwares. Apply in confidence with your recent passport size photograph to hr.garment@yahoo. com


Sr.Officer / Officer Procurement

Dolmen Group seeks experienced and dynamic persons to fill in the following positions at its Head Office, Karachi .
JobTitle: Sr.Officer / Officer Procurement
Department: Procurement
No of positions: 2
Job Description: Ideal candidate should be able to: § Evaluate bid proposals and specifications, and recommends management about them. § Interpret contract provisions and reviews contracts for accuracy and changes prior to approval / renewal. § Negotiate & communicate with suppliers. § Monitor the performance of suppliers in accordance with the issued tender(s) / purchase order(s). § Liaison among vendors, contractors, suppliers and management. § Explore market in accordance with the approved demand indent and issue purchase orders after necessary approval. § Demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and closely with the site staff. § Generate weekly / monthly reports / graphical charts for analysis.

Required Knowledge & Skills: § Knowledge of procurement methods and procedures of a large scale centralized purchasing function including buying, quality assurance, contract administration and contract law. § Knowledge of commodity markets and price trends. § Knowledge of various grades, qualities, and varieties of materials, supplies, and equipment. § Ability to develop SOPs concerning Procurement Department. § Strong communication skills.
Experience: 3 years+ experience of any reputable firm¢s Procurement / Supply Chain department.
Education: Minimum bachelor's degree preferably in business administration or other related field.
The selected candidate shall be offered attractive salary package with fringe benefits like medical, gratuity, bonus, leaves, life insurance etc. Your resume along with latest passport size photograph may be emailed to hr@dolmengroup. com latest by November 01, 2008.

Job Title : Senior Manager Operations Please refer to the attached advertisement for Senior Manager Operation Your resume along with latest passport size photograph may be emailed to hr@dolmengroup. com latest by November 01, 2008.


Job Vacancy in Internal Audit - Lahore

We are a listed maufacturing company operating in the automobiles sector andrequire the services of a professional to head the internal auditdepartments of our group companies and reportable to the Chairman AuditCommittee with the following credentials:
Qualification: C.A. FinalistExperience:Articles completed, preferably from a big four firm
Location:- Gulberg, LahoreOffice timings are from 8 to 5 with Saturday, Sunday as off days
Salary package varies depending upon the candidate's qualification and workexperience
Send your CVs at by 15/11/08


Web Developer - Asp .net (Karachi)

Minimum Education:
Career Level:
Minimum Experience:
1 to 2 Years

Job Description:
Prislogix is currently in the immediate need of an "ASP.NET/Web Developer" who has experience in web-based application development.

Develop and maintain website developed in ASP.NET.
Create reusable .NET Library.
Design and Implement functional prototypes
Working with other team members to ensure overall integrity of products and applications.
Work with creative and technical members of the project team to balance the creative requirements with technical needs
Work with the Development team to share information on best practices and new techniques as to advance the collective team knowledge

Please mail your application with the following:
Current Salary and Expected Salary.

Skills Required
1+ year as an ASP.NET developer on major Web Development projects.
Strong skills in SQL Server 2000/2005, and core knowledge & experience of ASP.Net 2.0
Strong working knowledge of Object Oriented Programming techniques
Good Understanding of HTML, DHTML, CSS, Web 2.0, Javascript, AJAX and XML.
Strong understanding of browser and accessibility issues
Analytical and problem-solving skills
Experience in Sharepoint Portal will be a plus

Contact Details
PrisLogix Email Address
Phone # 1: 021-4546970
Phone # 2: 021-4320147-8
Fax #: 021-4388172
Contact person : Samra Aftab


Merchandiser (Lahore)

Minimum Education: Bachelor of Business Administration
Career Level: Experienced
Minimum Experience: 1 to 2 Years

Identify the new vendors.
Responsible to negotiate the price and business terms with vendors.
Ensure the quality assurance through frequently visits and supervision from cutting to finishing in all the orders.
Responsible to ensure that the order is completed according to the delivery date.

Skills Required
Be a computer literate, must be conversant with MS Office.
Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, proven ability to develop and motivate.
Preference will be given to those candidates who have textile experience.

Street address
9-Dayal Singh Mansion, Mall Road City: Lahore Province/State: Punjab Country/Region: Pakistan Zip: 54000 Telephone: 92-42-7212238-39


Accountant (Lahore)

Age: 25-35 Year
Minimum Education: Doesn't Matter
Career Level: Not Required
Minimum Experience: Fresh

Description: Handling Accsounts

Company Information :
Asian Group of Companies Description:
Email Address
Phone # 1: 0300-4001040
Phone # 2: 0300-4001040
Fax #: 0092-42-5000020
Contact person : Mr. Farhan Daar


Accountant Required

Job Title: Accountant No of position: 1Category: Accounts/Tax/CS/AuditIndustry: Accounting Job Type: Full time Job Location: Lahore , Pakistan Age: 25-35 YearMinimum Education: Doesn't MatterCareer Level: Not RequiredMinimum Experience: Fresh Posted Date: 2008-10-28 Job Description: Handling Accsounts
Skills RequiredCompany Information :
Company Name: Asian Group of Companies Description:
Email Address Phone # 1: 0300-4001040 Phone # 2: 0300-4001040 Fax #: 0092-42-5000020 Contact person : Mr. Farhan Daar


Team Leaders (Lahore)

Age: 25-36 Year
Minimum Education: BA/BSC
Career Level: Manager
Minimum Experience: 2 to 3 Years
Required Travel: 50 %
Salary Range: 15000 PKR To 40000 PKR /Monthly

Job Description:
A career oriented job who can hire and train them and throgh them achieve sale targets.

Skills Required
A well versed individual who has the ability to take challenges and can produce results.

Company Information
Company Name: efu life assurance
Company Detail In 1992, the Government of Pakistan reopened the life insurance business to private sector organizations and EFU Life Assurance Ltd was incorporated in November 1992 as the first private sector life insurance company. In early 1993, EFU Life commenced writing gro

Email Address :
Phone # 1: 0321-7778161 Phone # 2: 0321-7778161
Contact person : KHURRAM MIRZA


Online Business Officer (Lahore)

Job Type: Part Time
Age: 18-60 Year
Minimum Education: Doesn't Matter
Career Level: Entry Level
Minimum Experience: Fresh
Salary Range: 10000 PKR To 15000 PKR /Monthly

Job Description:
working online on internet with Google. Company Name: OBF PAKISTAN Description:we are H R company provides staff to different
Skills RequiredCan read English and work on internet

Company Information :
employersEmail Address
Phone # 1: 042-7599444 Phone # 2: 042-7599445
Contact person : khurram mirza


Assistant Manager (Lahore)

Minimum Education: MBA-Masters of Business Administration
Career Level: Manager
Minimum Experience: 4 to 5 Years

Job Description:
Responsible for the overall direction and management of projects through designated project managers, ensuring consistency with corporate strategy, project management methodology and business processes across all projects. Gap analysis, risk assessment & reporting of overall project issues along with their mitigation is also an integral part of the job.

Skills Required
Excellent communication skills
Excellent team building skills
Excellent report writing and presentation with attention to detail
Technical writing/documentation skills
Problem solving and analytical abilities
Working well under pressureFacilitation skills
MS Office, Project and VisioExcellent Negotiation skills
Conflict Management
Fluent in English and Urdu [written and verbal both]
Pursues excellence in all aspects of business, customer satisfaction and client relationsAnticipating client's needs and finding alternative business solutions
Transferring skill set and knowledge to othersEvokes creative and innovative thinking from team members while helping them to bring their ideas and career plans to fruition.Helps to determine new, creative ways to employ teams on projects and distribute responsibilitiesChallenges others to develop as leaders while clarifying roles and responsibilities.

Company Information
International Telecom Company is the Abu Dhabi Group's latest venture in Pakistan. The Company is committed to bring Next Generation services to your doorstep... today. VisionTo launch Pakistan into the 21st century digital revolution by providing complete communication solutions to Telec More

Email your resumes to


Assisstant Accountant (Karachi)

Minimum Education: Bachelor of Commerce
Experience: 1 to 2 Years
Salary Range: 8000 PKR To 10000 PKR /Monthly
Age: 26-30 Year

Skills Required
Have to manage Bank Reconciliation, Petty Cash, Data Entry , Pay Roll , Official and Un official Invoices.

Company Name
We are one of the leading importer , exporter and manufacturer of leather skins. We are manufacturing all types of finished leather from goat, sheep and cow skins and hides.

Contact Details
2nd Floor, Salim Centre Hazrat Usman Ghani (R.A.)
St. Jodia Bazar, Karachi 74000, Sindh, Pakistan
Phone: 9221-2411854 / 2411386 / 2417734 / 2416034Fax: 9221-2430048Contact PersonAbu-Zaffar Shaikh


Cheif Finance Officer (Karachi)

Minimum Education: MBA-Masters of Business Administration
Minimum Experience: 3 to 4 Years
Salary Range: 20000 PKR To 25000 PKR /
Age: 35-40 Year

Skills Required
Can manage Gov. Taxes ( Sales Tax , Income Tax etc ) + Correspondence with bank regarding limits and L/C.Company Information.

Company Name
We are one of the leading importer , exporter and manufacturer of leather skins. We are manufacturing all types of finished leather from goat, sheep and cow skins and hides.

Contact Details
2nd Floor, Salim Centre Hazrat Usman Ghani (R.A.)
St. Jodia Bazar, Karachi 74000, Sindh, Pakistan
Phone: 9221-2411854 / 2411386 / 2417734 / 2416034Fax: 9221-2430048
Contact Person
Abu-Zaffar Shaikh


Bdo Sales Consultants

JobsIndustry: Insurance
Job Type: Permanent
Job Location: Karachi , Pakistan
Minimum Experience: Less than 1 Years

Job Description:

Looking for BDO Sales consultants

Contact Details

Head Office37- K, Block 6, PECHSKarachi - 75400 Pakistan
Phone: +92-21-111-338-111Fax: +92-21-4535079


Senior Software Engineer (.net)

Job Description:
1) Strong concepts of OOP
2) Relational Database Management System concepts preferred Microsoft SQL Server.
3) Knowledge of Software Engineering Practices
4) Professional Experience of developing web based applications.
5) Concepts of AJAX programming model.
6) Professional Experience of developing XML web services
7) Professional Experience of developing stored procedures in SQL Server

Preference will be given to candidate having Working experience of 2.0 with SQL server 2005.

Skills Required
- Team Leading
- Project Management
- Decision Making
- Business Analysis

Salary Range:
45000 PKR To 60000 PKR /Monthly

Minimum Education:
MS (CS)-Master of Computer Sciences

Contact Details
eSoul Consultancy Services (Pvt.) Ltd.,
Suit No 203, Anum EmpireBlock 7&8,
KECHS Main Sharah-e-Faisal,
Karachi, Pakistan.Phone: +92-21-432 5405 - 6


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Technical Writer

Minimum Education: Bachelor of Computer Science
Career Level: Entry Level
Minimum Experience: 1 to 2 Years
Salary Range: 15000 PKR To 20000 PKR
Developing Software Requirement Specifications
Writing case studies for the software projects
Documenting business requirement document for ongoing projects
Writing business proposals
Documentation of software help, guides and user/technical manuals.taking requirements and documentation from programmers and engineers, and translating such material into a detailed and technical end user document

Skills Required
Good understanding of software development life cycle Strong technical background in software development is required.
Excellent writing / documentation skillsWell versed with authoring tools and MS OfficeInternet Research skills Ability to rapidly absorb technical informationAbility to communicate clearly with technical and non-technical audiences.
Ability to interface, communicate, and translate information delivered by programmers is also mandatory.

Candidates having NO SUCH EXPERIENCE as mentioned above, NEED NOT APPLY.Contact us @ eSoul Consultancy Services (Pvt.) Ltd.,Suit No 203, Anum EmpireBlock 7&8, KECHS Main Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan.Phone: +92-21-432 5405 - 6


ASP .Net Developers

Experienced and Fresh ASP .Net Developers are required to work on Rich Media Platform,
using the following Latest Tools, Technologies and Platforms,
at our Karachi-Pakistan office
.NET 3.5Windows Communication FoundationWindows Workflow FoundationWeb ServicesMicrosoft Silverlight 2MS Live authenticationMS Live Streaming ServicesMicrosoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007Identity LifeCycle Manager (ILM) 2007SQL Server 2005Team Foundation ServerVisual Studio 2008 Team EditionMicrosoft Project Server 2007 (for enterprise project management)Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007Microsoft Virtual Server 2007Microsoft Forefront, Exchange 2007, ISA 2007
Required Skills:
Very strong concepts of OOP,
Analysis, DesignWilling to work in .NET 3.5,
WCF, WF, SilverLight,
SharePointProgramming skills in C#,
ADO, Classic ASP, HTML, JavaScript/
VBScriptObject-Oriented Analysis,
Design, and Programming (OOA, OOD and OOP)Database Programming (Stored Procedures, PL-SQL/T-SQL) with MS SQL Server 2000 or laterAnalytical Skills with Good level of Communication and Presentation Skills
Interested Candidates are requested to forward their updated resumes at webjobs@softechww. com
Attractive salary package and fringe benefits will be offered to selected candidates


Teachers and Rececptionist Required

Required Teachers and Receptionist for School and language institute, Karachi
1. Teachers for English Language Class (Prefer Female)
2. Teachers for All subjects class 1 to 10th
3. Female Receptionist for Institute (Basic requirement for receptionist, how know of Handling reception and strong communication and interpersonal skills. Good looking, well dressing plus point.)

Minimum qualifictaion BA/BSCCareer Level: Experience not Required

(Prefer Applicants form only nearest nazimabad and North Karachi)

Skills RequiredCompany Information :
Company Name: SKG School Description:S. k. Grammar SchoolSector 11/E, Muslim Town North Karachi, Karachi


Hiring for Link Building

I am looking to hire someone who can do quality one way link building. Please contact me with samples of work you have done in the past.
Location: Pakistan
Compensation: $10 per hour
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.
This is a contract job.

send your resumes to


freelance / part time -PHP / FLASH ---person

am looking for some one who can work with me , 5 year minimum of experience is needed in the programing and development. Must needed 1.PHP / MY SQL 2.os-commerce / zcart / Joomla 3.CSM 4.CSS / HTML / ASP 5.JAVA script 6.Custom Programming 7.Shopping cart 8.Flash OOP / ACS 2 & ACS3

Note :- 5- 10 e-commerce site must be included in you resume.... Please feel free to apply if you think you can deliver the quality work ....
Compensation: $10-12
This is a part-time job.
This is a contract job.

send your resules to


Growing Company in Need of a Home Based Team - Check out Job Opening

We are in need of a home based team. If you think you have the following qualities, reply to this post. - fast internet connection [is a must! we don’t want to end up having team members giving us reasons having no internet connection] -
is responsible enough to tell the project manager if he or she will be absent - is fun and easy to work with - self-starter, willing to grow with the company Here are the positions that we need: 1. project manager/admin
2. Web designer
3. Content/article writers
4. direct response copy writer
5. Web 2.0 person
6. sales person with very good English handle leads that come in and sell to existing customers
7. telemarketer - call on businesses and set appointments, do lead generation and more. Must be internet savvy and speak great english.
8. Adwords consultant - setup adwords campaigns
9. Seo
10. Virtual Assistant Must have English communication skills, ability to handle critical issues, and creativeness in problem solving.

Interested applicants may copy and paste their resume along with other info to

Note: No Companies Please Just Private Freelancers
Compensation: to be discussed
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.


Executive Assistant

We are looking for an “Executive Assistant” who is: Established self driven and self motivated in initiating desired actions to perform designated duties. Capable of working efficiently individually as well as a part of a whole working in team spirit. Remuneration is dependent on the experience possessed, therefore it may vary depending on the nature and the length of experience a candidate may have. Interested persons may please send their experience, resume and any other supporting information that may strengthen their candidature and the amount of salary it may bring to them.
Compensation: Dependent on experience possessed
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.
Emal your cv's to


Assistant Needed

We are looking for an executive assistant to do some simple online work. If you own a computer and want to earn money from home, contact us.
Compensation: $5-$8 per hour
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.

Send your cv's to


Administrative Assistant Required

Experienced and motivated person needed to work independently and/or in a team setting. Internet related.
Please state related work experience upon reply as this will determine the wage scale. ($5 - $9/hour)
Compensation: Wage will be determined by relevant experience. ($5 - $9/ hour)
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.
Send your resumes to [


Admn Assistant

We are looking for an Admn Assistant who can perform some administrative work via internet. If you have some knowledge on intenet please apply. Thanks & rgds, Nirata
Compensation: $5-$8
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.

Send your resumes at


Sales Agents Wanted (Calling USA)

We are looking for people who are self motivated, persistent and driven sales people with very good English, and who would like to WORK FROM THE COMFORTS OF THEIR OWN HOME. Qualifications: • Good command of the English language - verbal and written • At least 1 year of B2B sales and/or appointment setting experience Requirements: • A high-speed internet • Your own computer, headset and webcam (at least 512mb RAM, P4 and up) • Quiet working environment This position is full-time and permanent (M-F 9am to 4pm US Mountain Time). We offer a competitive monthly basic salary of rs.8000 plus monthly performance bonus. Please send us your resume with a cover letter.
Location: Calling USA
Compensation: PKR8000 base plus bonuses
Send your resumes to


Website Promotion and Marketing

We want people on salary basis who can promote our websites. We have several websites on different topics and interests. So if anyone have some experience of promoting websites, can contact us with details of what he/she can do? Few of our sites are UAE based like:
and lots more... few are Pakistan based like
and lots more... and few are global like:

and many many more..... To start with, we will give 2 or 3 websites to one person for the promotion. If you have any idea, suggestion or advice to work together, we are very much interested in that proposal too. We have more than 100 websites so we can start on any project of your choice. If you are interested, then tell us what can you do? Take care and have a nice day. I am Khurrum from and can be contacted at: 0334-3948583 best regards
Compensation: please let us know what you can do and what you expect
This is a part-time job.
Send your resumes to



We have two different outbound call campaigns available for DNC compliant call centers with predictive dialing capabilities and a who are willing to commit 25 seats minimum to our campaign. They also must have experience in setting apppointments or selling mini-vacs for vacation clubs or resorts. The first campaign involves appointment setting for a travel club/ vacation club. The client attends a free presentation for a free vacation.

The second campaign pays big-up to $375 but is limited to centers with CLOSERS experienced in selling mini-vacations. SO; The first campaign consists of setting appointments for people to attend a vacation club presentation at a location near their residence. First campaign is pay on acquisition appointment setting for a travel club where they are going to a free presentation for free travel gifts, etc. Its easy, pays well, and is in a good area.
The show factor on these is 3 of 10. So, for every ten appointments set by your representatives 3 will show for the appointment. The second campaign consists of calling homes and selling them a luxury vacation package for a discount price in exchange for a 90 minute resort preview at the vacation destination. This campaign pays big and is only for centers with sales people who have very good closers. This campaign requires getting the customers credit card number. That is why it pays up to $375 USD. Please write the following information about your call center: May I ask you how large is your center? What is your company’s DNC compliance policy. Have you booked tours for vacation clubs before? How many seats are you willing to devote to one of these campaigns? Do you have the ability to expand? Which of these two campaigns do you see your center calling? Can your salespeople close? If you are interested in the appointment setting- what is your show rate? Thank you for you interest. I hope to discuss this further.
Location: ANYWHERE
Compensation: tbd commission
send your resumes to


Monday, October 27, 2008

Office Assistant (Part Time)

Preferably or Equivalent, good knowledge of English and Computers.

Timing 3:00 to 6:00 pm
monday to friday
Please apply giving details of qualifications and experience
C/o P.O.Box- 7150 Karachi 74400


Computer Operator/ Typist

Computer Operator/Typist required, Experienced person having knowledge of networking and hardware preferred.

Please apply 408 commerce centre, Hasrat mohani Road
Phone: (9221) 2638521
Send your resume to


Call Centre Agents

Requires call centre agents for running campaigns,

must speak and understand English
Min Qualification: Intermediate
Location: near millennium mall.

Email your resumes at


Call Centre Agents

Call Centre Agents required male/female morning shift Australia Campaign,

Handsome Salary package.

Contact Details:
Mr. Ali
Mr. Asad


Marketing Staff -- Hyderabad

A nutrition company has required Sales/Marketing staff (male/female) for marketing of our products.

Qualification requires: B.Sc/B Pharmacy/MBA Marketing, Lady Doctor MBBS.

Contact Details:
Address: New Life Nutrition, B/No A-6, Gulistan-e-Sajjad.
opposite Rajputana Hpspital Hyderabad


Marketing Executive (Textile)

Required experienced person or part-time who can find European or International buyers on internet of Pakistani products.

Contact us at


Female Marketing Coordinator

Female Marketing coordinators having good personality can send their resume with recent photograph for career job.

send your resumes to

or call us at 0333-2354372


Trainee Managers

Efu Group requires Trainee Manager (Male/Female) .

We offer fixed salary, laptop, bonus, medical, company car,

Contact Details:
Mr. Raheel
(9221) 432620


Sales Officer

Efu Group requires Sales Officer (Male/Female) .

We offer fixed salary, laptop, bonus, medical, company car,

Contact Details:
Mr. Raheel
(9221) 432620


Call Centre Agents

An international call centre is looking to hire candidates for telemarketing purposes for night shift only.
All interested candidates must be energetic, motivated and must be able to speak English fluently.

Attractive salary, bonus, incentive offered with unbelievable commussion structure.

Contact Details:
Mr. Imran
Suite 402, Park Avenue, Shahrah-e-Faisal


Call Centre Agents

Agents requires for call centre in night shift salary plus commission,

boys/girls both can apply.

Mr. Faizan


Sales Executives

A multi services provider company requires " Sales Teams" graduates and heads of the teams must be the post graduates having sufficient experiences in sales and marketing,

must be fluent in English and Urdu, with excellent accent communication skills attractive salary packages are offered.

Email your resumes at
contact us at


Team Leaders

A leading financial services company required Team Leaders,
salary plus commission will be offered to selected candidates.

Applicants must be graduate, min age 30 years having potential contacts and previous team building experience may confidently email their Cvs to


Sales Executives

A leading financial services company required Sales Executives, salary plus commission will be offered to selected candidates.

Applicants must be graduate, min age 25 years having potential contacts and previous Selling experience may confidently email their Cvs to


Marketing Executives

A company engaged in the business of providing power generation related services and products, requires Graduates/DAE as Marketing Executives

Please apply at


Receptionist Required

Female Receptionist is required for a college. Age not above 26.

Walk in interviews.
Cms 3rd floor, Business Avenue, Shahrah e Faisal opposite Lalkothi stop.


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